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La Zattera del Bel Paese (The Raft of Bel Paese)

Jessica Rimondi

vivo e lavoro a Berlino/Torino

data di nascita 18/05/1987


E x h i b i t i o n s: 2014 Double solo show "Rimondi&Orlandini and Dorte Bundesen", Joachim Rong Galerie, Berlin 2014 "Es lohnt sich, das Antliz der Welt zu verändern, ohne sein eigenes zu verlieren", Group exhibition, Joachim Rong Galerie, Berlin 2014 "Wonder Women", Group exhibition, Lisa Norris Gallery, London 2014 Double-solo show "Jessica Rimondi and Zoula Fuerst", Joachim Rong Galerie, Berlin (DE) 2014 Aliens ,Group Exhibition curated by Frattura Scomposta, Casa Ariosto, Ferrara (IT) 2014 In Glorious Color, group exhibition for the ten finalist of the international contest “Show down” indicted by Saatchi Art, Griffin Gallery, London (GB) 2014 La memoria del Corpo, Group exhibition with works from Vedova Bonalumi Vespignani, Spazio Arte Duina, Brescia (IT) 2013 Winter Group show, Lisa Norris Gallery, London (GB) 2013 Digital group exhibition in Miami SCOPE, by group, Miami (USA) 2013 Group Exhibition in Galerie Van Campen e Rochtus, Antwerpen (BE) 2013 Group Exhibition Macht Kunst , Alte Muenze, Berlin (DE) 2012 Double-Solo Exhibition “ Solitudo Jessica Rimondi - Elisa Anfuso” ,by Mariella Segala with critical text of Maria Zanolli, Spazio Arte Duina, Brescia (IT) 2012 International Group Exhibition “OPEN ART” of the finalist of “ Concorso Buenos Aires 4”,by Antonella Trapanese and Pietro Manara, Open Art Milano, Milan (IT) 2012 Group Exhibition “Illusioni parallele”, by Mariella Segala, Sala Dante Alighieri ,Sirmione (IT) 2012 International Group exhibition of the finalist of “6 Arte Laguna International Prize ”, Arsenal of Venice ,Venice (IT) 2011 Group Exhibition “Germinale” by Mariella Segala , galleria Spazio Arte Duina , Brescia (IT) 2010 International Group Exhibition (special price 4Arte Laguna International Prize ), Italian Culture Institute of Prague, Prague (CZ) 2010 International Group Exhibition (special price 4Arte Laguna International Prize ), Italian Culture Istitute of Vienna, Palace Stenberg , Vienna (AT)
 2010 International Group Exhibition “4 Arte Laguna International Prize ”, Arsenal of Venice, Venice (IT) Awards and PubblIcation: 2014 Winner of the cash prize of “Premio Ora” for the paint “Vitae Volant, Viate Manent” 2014 Pubblication for “HI Fructose” Contemporary Art Magazine, text by the critic James Scarborough 2014 Interview “Artist feature: Jessica Rimondi” for Goldhord contemporary-emergent art 2014 Finalist for the international prize “Show Down, In Glorious color” announce by Saatchi art promoted by Winstory and Newton 2013 Pubblication on “Frattura Scomposta” (Contemporary art magazine) 2013 Finalist for the “Premio Afrodite 2013” 2013 Shortlisted artist for “100 Painters of tomorrow” indicted by Beers Lambert (London) 2013 “Spot-light on Jessica Rimondi ” inteview for Artconnect Berlin 2013 “Jessica Rimondi interwiew- Per voce Creativa” for Woman’s Journal, by Giovanna Lacedra 2012 “Jessica Rimondi- Una Barbarica Freschezza” text of Mariella segala for the magazine “Cocun trendvision” (dicember number) 2012 Finalist for the international contest “Concorso Buenos Aires 04” 2012 Other selected and Catalog publication for the International contest“Celeste Prize 2012” 2012 Mention of the jury and Catalog publication for the international contetst “Combat Prize 2012” 2012 Finalist for “6 Arte Laguna International Prize” (selected from more than 7000 participants) 2011 Mention of the jury and Catalog publication for the international contest “Combat Prize 2011 2010 Finalist andSpecial Prize “Group exhibition in Vienna an Prague Italian Culture Institute” for “ 4Arte Laguna International Prize

Descrizione del lavoro

What I try to achieve with my art is to create an intimate dialogue between me, the observer and the subject. In these years I developed a kind of "sensorial method" that looks at the subject as something with a precisely language and essence. My focus is to capture this observed sensation and develop it into painting with different series and concepts. Now I'm working on a project that relates common situations to historical work of art, "The Raft of Bel Paese" is part of this new series. As I started to take photos, I remained really impressed about how normalcy can be so connected with historical work of art. Interact with history of art can open an infinity of observation possibilities. You can take your curiosity for composition, structural connections/meaning, standard of beauty, color use and techniques and scrutinize it, giving your own contemporary version. With this work I find the interest to look everyday situations as images that comes from the past, to give us a new point of view for life. Ordinary things as objets d'art. Same situations, different customs and attitude, you can compare each other to look their differences at the passage of time. As most of the situations in the past were turned into religion,I take in this moment history of art as something "religious" that can give us a better view of earthly things. THE RAFT OF BEL PAESE: The Raft of Bel Paese is part of the series described above. A friend of mine took this photo during a stage performance (it was really accidental as all the photos I'm taking for my project) and when I saw it, was clear for me that the structure and the theatral intention in the photo represent a strong relation with the magnificent paint of Théodore Géricault " The Raft of the Medusa". But not just the structure of Géricault's paint captured my attention,even his political/social meaning. Gericault wanted to underline the decadence of the France and as I first saw the photo, I realized that it could be a perfect representation of the current Italian situation. This is why I choose to work on it, the "Bel Paese" is not long a place of "art and beauty", it is just a wonderful place submerged by a destructive political situation. I don't use to work on political issues and even this time, I'm far to do it, I just wanted to give a little cause of reflection to the user, approaching historical themes and again history of art as something really near our culture. All the works of the series are visible in my website:

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