Der Künstler nimmt an der Ausstellung teil Roma.

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Semáforo, Pt. I, from The Enamorates
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Tricolor Audition: Xochitl, from The Enamorates

Javier Carmona

Ich wohne und arbeite in Chicago / Mexico City

Geburtsdatum 02/10/1972


Javier Carmona (b. 1972, Mexico) works in the intersection between still photograph and motion picture. Recent exhibitions include The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York, The Center for Book and Paper Arts, Chicago, L’art 23tres Contemporary Art, Mexico City, Wilmer Jennings Gallery, New York, Galería La Masmédula, Mexico City, the Galleries at Moore College of Art, Philadelphia and the Museum of Pocket Art. He has received the En Foco New Works Award, the Joseph Fellowship from Anderson Ranch Arts Center as an Artist-in-Residence and the Illinois Arts Council photography grant. In 2013 he was an Artist-in-Residence at the 33 Officina Creativa in Toffia, Italy. Publications that have reviewed or credited his work include Nerve Magazine, Nueva Luz, Southwest Art, THE Magazine, People Magazine en Español as well as the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Reader and El Excelsior, Mexico City. His work was featured in the anthology, Contemporary Chicano and Chicana Art, Vol. 1. Carmona holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and MFA from the University of New Mexico. He lives and teaches in the Chicago area, while visualizing recent projects in Mexico and Italy.


LATIN ROMANCE: “This project represented in equal parts as still photography and motion picture, simulates an imagined intimacy between people, while attempting to live bi-culturally, balancing Latin emotion and American perception. The images cast me as the male lead, acknowledging an autobiographic impulse to portray a character. Photographed in Mexico, Italy and the United States, the blurred distinction between these distances is echoed in the female casting choices, creating a composite of both place and love interest. Resolving cues from the Mexican melodrama, actors summon heightened feelings, while countering an audience’s mediated perception of ‘Latin’ relationships, invariably associated with ‘Romance.’ Unifying these varied images is an investigation of gesture, acting as a substitute for spoken language. The goal is to make straightforward pictures about what we don’t understand, while contextualizing the desire to make a scene in public.” *In 2015, I will be returning to Rome to resume a photo/film project during a sabbatical leave. ** all works available in 61x106 cm and 43x56 cm size.

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